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Welcome to GFS Filtration

GFS FILTRATION was established in the year 2001. GFS is in the industrial liquid filtration business.

GFS offers a complete filtration product range, including Filter Housings, Filter Cartridges, Filter Bags, Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers and Direct Pipe-in Water Dispensers.

With our close liaison and technical support from our Suppliers: Pentair Pentek Filtration Product, VIQUA Sterilight UV Water Sterilizer , Sun-Central Industrial Filter Bag System, STF Self-cleaning Screen Filters, Waterlogic Firewall™ UV Water Dispenser, Gemi Hot Water Dispenser, GFS Innova Hot & Cold Water Dispenser and Yuhao Microcomputer Electric Water Boiler. We were capable to provide a wide array of filtration products.

Residential Filtration System

Filtration systems are designed to target specific contaminants, such as dirt, chlorine taste & odor, and sediment. The technology inside the canisters will trap impurities, filtering out what you don’t want, and leave you with safer, more delicious water for cooking and drinking.

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