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GFS High Flow Pleated Mesh Steam Filter


  • 316L stainless steel filter cartridge, available in 1(culinary grade), 5, 10 and 25micron
  • Pleated filtration medium giving a high surface area
  • Exceptionally high flow rates
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Multi-round filter housing configuration ensures maximum utilisation of pipework capacity
  • Reduced cost/Kg steam compared to sintered product

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GFS Air and Gas Housings


  • Designed to Maximise Flow Rate and Minimise Pressure Drop
  • Plenum Base Ensures Collection of Condensate
  • Minimising the Chance of Filter Blinding / High Differential Pressure
  • Catered for Both Gas & Steam Applications
  • Optional Locking Ring Closure for Extra Security especially in High Pressure Steam Applications
  • Available in a Wide Range of Industry Standard Connections

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